[Deal Alert] $25 cash for free + a Pizza deal

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Two super hot deals this week that can help ya boy out, too!

First off, Wealthsimple Cash has launched in Canada. It’s like Venmo but it works here and I fully expect it to become just as ubiquitous. If you go in you can lock in your username of choice and ALSO get $25 for free just for making an account. Note that Wealthsimple operates as a bank here so they’ll need your SIN, but the process is minutes-long and the UX of the actual app is slick AF.

For the free $25 hit this link: http://ws.cash/invite/$thatmatt

Secondly, I have successfully made our first brand deal purely by being a hotspot deal sharing :D General Assembly Pizza has graciously created a coupon code for me and the deals army for 30% off your first box of the best frozen pizza you have ever tasted. For real, this is parbaked at 900F in their ovens in Toronto then flash frozen and sent to you. They just IPO’d because this pizza is so dope.

Enter the code THATMATT30 at checkout at gapizza.com to get 30% off your first subscription box (you can cancel any time). They don’t even have a referral program, they created this just for us!

How good is it? I took this photo after cooking 2 of them:

Both of these signups help me and help the newsletter, so please use the links/codes if you sign up :)

That’s all! Remember to watch your inbox for more deals, and please share the newsletter and deals with anyone else you know who’s a coupon connoisseur!

- Matt